Frequently Asked Questions

Product/ Payment

Absolutely, TOMAS is a Worldwide Trainer, he has clients from all over the world. Internet and email access is required.

Once you submit payment, you will be asked to answer a questionnaire so I can create your program. Once I have received the questionnaire it will take anywhere from 24 – 72 hours to receive your program.

General Program Questions

Clients can ask as many questions as they’d like and i am always responding to emails. A response is usually delivered between 1-8 hours depending on the time of day.

My main objective is to help people achieve desired physiques and design workout programs around each individual’s goals. I have worked with many athletes and enjoy the challenge of stepping out the normal weight lifting routine if the individual is fully committed and dedicated. So yes, absolutely but please send an email before hand.

My workout programs offer gym based workouts and/or home based workouts. I design a workout around what you have available.

Yes, absolutely. Every 2 weeks we provide you a new set of workout routines. So it is never boring and to promote muscle confusion.

TOMAS doesn’t only want to give you a program, he wants to teach you new things and get you out of your element to bring out the best. He will teach you the most efficient and effective ways to training to reach your desired weight goals.

We all start somewhere and I will be with you to help with anything you need or don’t understand.

I have a complete exercise video library. That makes your life real easy, all you have to do is click on the exercise you don’t understand and watch a quick video.

Diet Based Questions

I offer plans for all, I am also aware that there are vegetarians that eat certain foods and vegetarians that don’t. My plans are customized so i take everything into consideration.

I have a lot of college kids ask me this question. The grocery bill will usually go up the first week as you get things that you might not currently have when you start the program, but at the same time there should be items/foods that you wont be buying at the start of your diet as well.

No problem at all. My goal is to maximize your full potential and understand every country is different and does not offer all foods. I have a substitute chart for any food that is not accessible.

Every plan is individually designed to fit your goals. Depending on your height, activity and weight, a program will be designed to fit your macros and get your body to where you want to be. Also, by food preferences anything you like or dislike we modify. As we are building a plan for you the client. In the questionnaire you have an option of writing what foods you dislike to take into account.

I know the struggle but one bad meal isn’t going to throw your diet off just like one good meal isn’t going to help you lose weight. My clients are allowed one cheat meal per week.

If you have any additional questions please contact us. If you are already a client, login and use the private chat feature on your online training homepage.