Toned glutes and legs guaranteed

My Booty blaster routines are designed to get your glutes and legs toned in the fastest and most effective manner! This program incorporates weight training and body weight exercises that are guaranteed to burn lower body fat with an easy to follow week-by-week regimen.

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    Targeted Booty Training

    Toned and defined lower body

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    Supplement Recommendation

    Discounts up to 40% on supplements.

All memberships include my proven Booty Blaster workout program designed to produce incredible results and 24/7 support and motivation from my team of certified personal trainers and me.

Membership Options

Month-to-Month Access


What's Included with Membership

4 Week Lower Body Transformation

Access to high-intensity workouts focusing on your lower body. I break down rep ranges, number of sets, body splits and videos for every exercise. Each workout is high-intensity to promote maximum muscle growth and body fat loss in the most efficient manner. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and I give you the exact knowledge and techniques to get the very best results possible. My booty blaster program is cut down to a science, if you follow my program results are 100% guaranteed.

24/7 Coaching

24/7 support and motivation from my team of certified personal trainers and me in addition to weekly check-ins via direct private chat. My job is not done until you reach your goals and see results!

Supplement Guide & Discounts

An easy to follow supplement guide based on your fitness goal whether you want to build muscle, lose fat or just for general health. I personally recommend and use these supplements on a daily basis. TFIT360 clients receive up to 40% off supplements after signing up.

Access to Completely Redesigned Client Area

  • Completely redesigned client area with ease of use in mind
  • Personalized online training home
  • Private chat built in for quick and direct access to Tomas and his team of trainers.
  • Bi-weekly check-ins with photo upload – track your progress in a single place.
  • 4 week complete lower body transformation program
  • Weight training and body weight exercises
  • Supplement recommendations for faster results + discount
  • Video demos for all exercises in program
  • Plan modifications (if necessary)
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 10+ pages of nutritional tips and ways to stay lean year around
  • 24/7 contact for 1 on 1 support and motivation!

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