Tomas Echavarria Bio

Founder & CEO - TFIT 360

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Degree in Exercise Kinesiology, FIU
  • Over 7 Years Experience
  • Speaks both English and Spanish

My name is Tomas Echavarria and I am the founder and CEO of TFIT360. I began TFIT360 in 2009 with one goal in mind, to leverage my knowledge of health and fitness to improve the lives of as many of my clients as I could.

At first this was accomplished by offering my services as a private one-on-one trainer but, my desire to help more people better their lives continued to grow as well. This forced me to brainstorm different approaches in order to meet my goal, which lead to TFIT360 BOOTCAMP. Bootcamp allowed me for the first time to deliver my fast paced, high intensity workouts in a group setting. The first Bootcamp session was held in 2010, on Key Biscayne, Fl and since that time has grown into several other locations. And were not done yet, we are constantly on the look out for our next Bootcamp location.

Throughout the whole Bootcamp experience I have had the privilege to help transform many lives. However, once again I found the desire growing inside me to assist more people in reaching their health goals. So it was back to the drawing board, which lead to the next chapter in TFIT360. In 2013, I took my services online in order to try to touch the greatest amount of lives possible. I began to offer my meal plans, workouts, advice and tips that I had developed over the previous years.

My mission is to improve the lives of my clients through a combination of physical fitness and proper diet. I leverage my combination of personal skills and physical fitness expertise to push clients physically to get the most out of their training, while at the same time developing a trusting rapport. I always make myself available for anyone who took the chance and believed in me. This is a lifestyle, not a job!

Born in 1989. I am young, hungry, disciplined, dedicated, and aspiring to reach the pinnacle of my craft. I studied at Florida International University with a Degree in Exercise Kinesiology. I am licensed as a National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, and also fluently speak both English and Spanish. My motivation comes through my clients and I am continuously pushing forward to improve on myself each day, the only way to lead is by example.

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